Mercury Payments. A Better Way for Your Restaurant Customers to Pay

Mercury Payments POS systemWith our new partnership with Mercury, we’ve made your restaurant’s payment processing faster, more secure and more convenient than ever — giving customers more reasons to spend money to your business.

  • Process orders on multiple order-taking stations — simultaneously! Faster bill-paying at a busy restaurant means faster turnover and ultimately, more revenue.
  • Online and group orders get processed fast. It’s eCommerce made easy!
  • Improved PCI security. Your customers can’t get hacked because this payment processing hardware never grabs your customers’ data in the first place! Using an alternate payment integration path, this provides an elegant solution for restaurants who want to avoid regulatory fines and protect their loyal customers.

Get Gift Cards for Your Restaurant to Boost Brand and Revenue

Restaurants that use gift cards can see increased sales, a big branding boost and an exceptional Return On Investment (ROI) — and now our customers can now take advantage of these benefits with Mercury Gift. Make it easy for customers to reload cards; split payments without getting a splitting headache; and provide branded gift cards to your customers from every location, ensuring they remember where they had that great meal.

Check out these advantages:

  • Build company brand: gift cards imprinted with a business’ logo have a higher perceived value and outsell paper gift certificates 4 to 1
  • Improve cash flow: when a customer purchases a gift card, merchants receive payment in advance of rendering products or services
  • Increase traffic: for every one gift card sold, at least two customers visit the business (the purchaser and the recipient who may also bring a friend)
  • Keep cash in the business: issuing a gift card instead of cash back for returns or refunds ensures the customer will spend the money at the business
  • Merchants using MercuryGift make an average profit of $8,000 on just 500 cards.

Impressive results — but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what food & beverage companies already using the Mercury system are saying:

“During development of our business relationship, Mercury’s principles demonstrated their commitment to partnership. This valuable aspect of Mercury’s culture has been demonstrated by each member of Mercury’s team in our corporate interactions. In this way, Mercury has lead in Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s ability to present a unified coordinated retail technology solution to our franchisees.”

Key Jobson
Chief information Officer
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

“We sold $45,000 in gift cards during a two hour promotion, and have seen a 20 percent increase in same store sales since. MercuryGift cards are making a big difference for our business!”

Jack Walker
Tipsy Turtle Pub & Eatery

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