AndroWeb 2.12 Released

Androweb 2.12

AndroWeb 2.12 is our newest version of the online ordering website platform and we’re pretty excited to share with you the new features that are now live.

Repeat Order

Your customers will love being able to repeat any of their previous orders. It’s so easy to use and even takes into account expired deals and menu items you no longer offer. Our experience tells us that consumers are more likely to buy when the route to checkout is easy and fast. With repeat my order function a customer can checkout in 3 clicks

repeat order

Disable Order Occasions

We’ve listened to your requests for this feature and now its live. AndroWeb now gives you the ability to turn delivery and collection on or off interdependently, meaning you can control your online services easily and with the flick of a switch. Controlled from MyAndromeda you can set delivery and collection occasions yourself from your store, home, or on the go. If you don’t have MyAndromeda access at the moment please contact us here or call 0333 150 9978

Driver Tracking

Our driver tracking system is now available whether you have our EPOS system or not. Track orders from your store and let your customers know when their order is on the way – no more “where’s my order” calls. A simple smartphone app allows you to track your drivers and the orders they are carrying giving you real-time information on where your drivers are and reduce rack-time in store. Customers can track their order to their door and give valuable feedback about your service.

Loyalty Visibility

Loyalty has been an optional feature of AndroWeb for some time now but to enhance the usability some more we have built extra visibility that shows a customers points on every page and keeps them informed and aware of their points balance.

Discount Voucher Link

We have thought long and hard about how customers use AndroWeb and what makes the buying process easier. So we have developed a discount voucher that auto-applies the discount at checkout – no more remembering discount codes. A web link is generated in MyAndromeda and you can supply this to your customers via email marketing, QR codes on menus, or SMS campaigns.

Customisation of Toppings Layout

We want to make a customers journey quick and easy so we have changed how the customisation screen looks for menu items. Now a customer is shown the standard ingredients for an item and below they see all the extra’s they can add. Also there’s a handy reset button in case a customer changes the item so much they want to go back to standard.

For anymore information on online-ordering, EPOS or Driver Tracking get in touch below