How Pizza Restaurants are Using Andromeda POS to Boost Business

Pizza restaurant using POSAs with any tool, the results your business gets from Andromeda POS will depend on how you use it. What modules are you using? From order taking to preparation, driver management and more, you’ve got plenty of options to play with.

Take New York Pizza, for instance. The largest pizza delivery franchise organization in the Netherlands, it has over 100 branches and is growing rapidly. IT support provider Bezorgsupport worked with Andromeda POS to handle NYP’s growth. “We’ve been selling POS software for a long time and we’ve found that the difference with Andromeda is that it covers the full process, from ordering to kitchen preparation and delivery,” says Bezorgsupport representative Erik Luijkx.

New York Pizza and other restaurant chains are getting plenty of value from their POS solution these days, according to Luijkx.

  • Reporting. “This is one of the best features of the Andromeda system, providing must-have functionality that lets clients understand how well their business is doing and where they can make changes. All clients want to see reports – for chains and bigger organizations, they’ll need the even more extensive reporting from Pro or Enterprise.”
  • Labor Management. “Aside from the reporting module, this might be the most important module for our clients. Shift scheduling is important, but it’s also useful for when you need to do taxes or payroll. It’s very helpful.”
  • Driver Management. “The driver management functionality is why a lot of restaurants are choosing our solution. You’ve got control over your drivers, the same way you’d have control over employees in your store.”
  • Order Taking. “This option is extremely popular. Restaurants expect there to be a good connection between the point of sale and their kitchen.”
  • Inventory Management. “Some of our restaurant customers are extremely careful about inventory, paying strict attention to profit management. For them, this is a must.”
  • Card Processing. “We do quick service card processing in non-delivery stores and the demand for this is really high. Without card processing, you need to manually enter payment – it takes time and isn’t convenient. This is the solution.”

New York Pizza’s extensive use of Andromeda POS shows what is possible when technology lets management do what they want to do to deliver better. They’re able to take orders through various channels, such as face-to-face in the store or via the website, telephone or mobile application. It can handle complex orders while integrating the restaurant’s online presence and phone lines with its sales process. When a customer calls, employees can already see where the pizza is going to be delivered and get other useful information – like the last customer order from that address, along with payment history. That helps them fill the order while offering recommendations to increase the client’s overall spend – boosting the restaurant’s bottom line.

Andromeda POS lets restaurants get only the customized functionality they need – a cost-effective solution to help them deliver better, faster.

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